Meet Ayra - Fraser's Digital Assistant

Meet Arya, the first of Frasers Property Australia’s and Frasers Property Industrial’s digital assistants developed by Fraser’s in-house IT & Digital team, with help from UiPath and Simplyai. Arya ran the monthly BAS preparation process in June – an otherwise time-consuming task for Fraser’s Tax team; and will also be learning more tasks in months to come.

Digital assistants will enable teams to focus on more strategic work and provide an improved employee experience, with our IT & Digital team collaborating with internal divisions to learn who needs the help of a digital assistant. Artificial intelligence and robotic automation are undoubtedly becoming more and more ingrained in our everyday lives. Leaning into this and having a #futurefocus is what will set businesses apart.

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Frasers property arya Digital assistant ai created by Simplyai uipath


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