CIO Advisor Magazine chooses simplyai as editors choice for Machine Learning Solution Provider

LATEST PRESS: simplyai has been featured in CIO Advisor magazine issue October 1, 2021. We have been featured as their EDITORS CHOICE for the Top 10 Machine Learning Power Solution Providers of 2021. 

To help organisations & leaders select the best vendors, CIO Advisor APAC’s editorial board has reviewed and shortlisted a handful of Machine Learning-powered solution providers that are empowering APAC’s business ecosystem to enhance customer experience and satisfaction, and deliver high-quality and personalised services. These vendors are industry experts who bring innovative products to the table and help their clients adapt quickly to the latest demands of the global business community. 

We present to you CIO Advisor APAC’s “Top 10 Machine Learning Powered Solution Providers 2021.”

"simplyai delivers unique customer experience through intelligent Automation & Data Modernisation."

Simplyai CIO advisor magazine cover 2021 machine learning solution providers
Simplyai CIO advisor magazine feature machine learning provider top 10 press 2021 APAC
Simplyai CIO Advisor magazine feature machine learning provider top 10 press APAC 2021

simplyai : Building Data Platforms with Real Business Connection.

The decision to bring about a technology change in an organisation is flawed. Organisations often jump into the latest talk-of-the-town technology, expecting a dramatic change in their businesses and ease of operations for employees. It takes a couple of years to comfortably transition to new technology only to find that the business connection is missing and employees are doing the same mundane task, only on a new platform. The technology, such as AI/ML, Automation and Data Science, promises to make organisations efficient and reduce key people-prone risks, apart from reducing costs or increasing revenues. These technologies can help them become a data-centric organisation that functions on data-based decision science and get employees’ imagination connected with the technological solution. 

To enable such a transition, Sydney-based simplyai has come up with a unique approach to Intelligent Automation. 

Anthony’s team believes in educating the top management about the possibilities of what the Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI/ML can deliver and how to utilize these technologies best to generate value. 

simplyai looks at the structured, unstructured and semi-structured data and figures out a way to bring all those in structured states.

“Based on our assessment of the processes, we inform the client about the biggest improvements in their processes, ranked as per the ROI,” says Jason Catania, Chief Data Officer. “We enhance the client’s ability to perform the process, improve the risk profile and employee and customer experience.”

The company brings good insights for a successful business and enables those critical business calls based on the correct data. 

One exciting facet of the delivery of the solutions by simplyai is that they have been able to create reusable assets that help them fast track the project. 

The skilled, Intelligent Automation specialists at simplyai have experience across different sectors like government, insurance, finance and utilities, to name a few. They can operationalise the information generated via AI-based RPA that delivers business value to the clients. For example, a health provider wanted to consolidate their customers’ data and documents from mobile applications. The provider followed a complex manual process where they would get many different files for various medical organisations, go through the data, match the customers patient data together, consolidate the files and match the details. simplyai identified the gaps in the process and came up with a streamlined process by working with the subject matter experts. 


The final automation extracted the data from multiple systems, matching that one identity point of view, and bringing the documents, store repositories, clinical notes, claim history, and client order into a consolidated PDF file, and log that into the CRM.

Such work across industries has helped simplyai attract the best talents and partner with leading technology providers. Anthony Scott hopes that their data science and AI framework built on open-source cloud technologies will allow their clients to generate a lot more value out of their data a lot quicker, and not having to spend a whole lot of time learning new technologies, but just using them.

View the full article here in CIO Advisor.  

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