Simplyai featured in CIO Advisor Magazine as Top 10 Machine Learning Powered Solution Providers 2021

Latest press for Simplyai in CIO Advisor Magazine as a Top 10 ML Solution Provider..

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Why ‘Pilot’ when you don’t have a ‘Pipeline’!

Understand Your Pipeline – first & vital pilot step is to conduct a high-level internal evaluation of the automation opportunities within your organisation.

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Intelligent Automation: Getting More Bang from Bots

Interesting article highlighting that the fallout from the coronavirus will likely accelerate adoption of low code automation, optical...

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Improving CX in insurance contact centre use case

Excellent 'Use Case' highlighting how delivering a 'Modern Data ecosystem with RPA' can significantly improve the Supply Chain...

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Amplifying Business and IT Benefits by Using RPA for Test Automation

An Intelligent Automation (RPA/AI/Testing) priority list highlighting those processes to automate through RPA first ...

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